OpenLink Systems provides software solutions based on highly specialized tools.....



Advancement in the technology and growing trend of consumerism has given people to opt for more and more technological products like Automobiles. Moreover, owing a motor bike or a car has become symbol of social status for an individual. The rising demand of automobile among the consumers has influenced the rapid growth of automobile industry. The industry needs supply of software solution , IT services and skilled manpower to sustain its rapid growth. Automobile engineers along with other skilled and professional workers are high on demand in this industry. They are well paid for the value they put to their organization through their skill and works.

OpenLink Systems provides software solutions based on highly specialized tools that help leading automobile players to offer their customers the product that fits their requirements. It is a crowded market place, thus digitizing your automobile operations is the least you can do to stay in the hunt. Our solution brings together enterprise class software and advanced technology platforms and couples them with principal business functions and tried and trusted industrial process models.

The features of OpenLink Systems  automobile solutions: 

Telemetric & Infotainment

Leverage our investments in vehicle telemetric, wireless communications and automotive software testing technologies.

Environmental and Regulatory Services:

Supporting the automotive industry comply with global health and environmental regulations and requirements with our wide range of expert testing and consulting services.

Detailed information:

To ensure simpler calculations, and hassle-free delivery of orders, we process detailed Information that includes the particulars about the sold cars from the National Vehicle registry, annuity loans and auto insurance and more.

Additional tools:

Some tools like Commission calculator, smart navigation devices, in-car billing, analytical tools, graphs of sales data, the application module and services like infotainment are also made available.

Additional Services

Additional Services:

We are providing Automobile placements also. The automobile industry is going through a phase of rapid change and incessant growth. With new projects coming up on a regular basis, the industry is undergoing technological revolution and new jobs in automobile sector. The major players are expanding their plants and focusing on mass customization, mass production, etc. This has created boom in jobs in automobile industry for young and dynamic professionals.


Motor Technicians
Designer Engineer
Industry Approved Panel Beater
Petrol/Diesel Technicians
Auto Electrician
Non Technical

Vice Presidents
Managers & Analysts in the areas of Financial
Business Research
HR/ Operation/ Administration
Sales and Marketing