Banking market is being reshaped by the shifts in the economic landscape and...


OpenLink Systems Banking Application

OpenLink Systems offers a robust and highly efficient  banking solution for addressing dynamically changing need of the banking industry in a global scenario. Implementing OpenLink Systems Solution will enable banks to provide their customers, a delightful banking experience at ANYTIME from ANYWHERE in the world.

OpenLink Systems Enterprise Banking Platform

OpenLink Systems offers a web-enabled, multi-currency; multi-lingual enterprise platform (Banking Software) that meets the needs of retail, corporate and investment banking. The Integrated Product Suite enables the automation of all the business functions of a bank across business units, geographies and technologies.

24/7 365 days a year uptime of applications and processing of high transaction volumes
Integration of delivery channels such as internet banking, ATMs, branches, call centers, mobile banking, point of sales terminals etc.
Fully automated exception processing and validation
Common interface and integration across applications for easier usability and flexibility
Stringent compliance, governance and quality assurance frameworks to ensure high levels of security and performance
Reduced cost, risk and complexity by utilizing OpenLink Systems reliable IT technology and domain expertise when compared in-house banking management
Solutions that are easy to integrate and use

OpenLink Systems offers end to end banking services along with microfinance and Financial Inclusion Services ensuring the availability of banking services at an affordable cost to disadvantaged and low-income groups.