Cloud Services

OpenLink Systems has the deep expertise to demystify cloud computing for you....

Cloud Services


Cloud Computing promises the best of all worlds. The ability to ramp up and wind down IT resources as desired. Endless scalability. Ready access to the most advanced technologies and best practices. Maximum uptime. Dramatically reduced maintenance, capital, and resource expenses. In fact, cost savings with the cloud can reach as high as 60%.

But how should you develop and implement your cloud strategy to fully exploit all the potential benefits? OpenLink Systems has the deep expertise to demystify cloud computing for you – integrating cloud applications, infrastructure, and legacy systems from planning to migration to ongoing management.

From strategic guidance to migration, from hosting to ongoing management, OpenLink Systems Cloud Lifecycle Services enable you to make smart choices for your organization that:

Drive faster results
Optimize your complete environment
Provide flexibility to embrace growth



Cloud Advisory Services

Let OpenLink Systems partner with you to strategize and architect your cloud transformation. Our vendor-neutral experts provide assessment and transformational services focused on helping you define or refine your cloudcomputing vision, architecture, and road map.

Cloud Migration Services

Accelerate your move to the cloud by taking advantage of our deep expertise in applications and infrastructure coupled with accelerators and tools. You can quickly transform your IT environment by implementing smart cloud choices that drive next-generation business practices while seamlessly integrating your entire applications and infrastructure portfolio. Using a dynamic roadmap, we can partner with you to thoughtfully migrate your existing business applications and collaboration platforms to the cloud solution that best meets your needs – IaaS, PaaS, and/or SaaS.

Cloud Management Services

No matter what cloud model or models you adopt, no matter what mode of delivery you choose – private, public, or hybrid – the professionals at OpenLink Systems Service Operations Center can support all your applications and infrastructure – both cloud and non-cloud – seamlessly and holistically. With our innovative monitoring and management tools, we proactively support and secure your IT assets and transactions with enterprise-class cloud application and infrastructure management services.

Comprehensive IT Service Management

Whether you migrate some or all of your IT operations to the cloud, OpenLink Systems gives you an opportunity to consolidate IT service management across all your investments, from SaaS solutions to traditional applications, and from infrastructure to networks. We take a holistic, proactive approach to service management to ensure the highest levels of IT performance and service quality. And our global delivery – combining onshore, nearshore, and offshore

resources – ensures you always have access to the best expertise, continuously measuring, analyzing, and innovating on your behalf.

With OpenLink Systems proactive approach to IT service management, we can detect and solve up to 70% of all incidents before they affect users or business operations, while typically saving you 25% to 40% on IT support costs. Other benefits include:

A single point of accountability managing all service desk functions and infrastructure support
Seamless management of all your cloud and traditional applications and infrastructure for improved visibility, consistent support, and better business performance
Process improvement and tool innovation that streamline issue resolution
A global, extended team providing 24/7 coverage