Search Engine Optimization

As a Service Provider in SEO , OpenLink Systems offers....

Search Engine Optimization

Internet Marketing / SEO
Are you not getting the traffic that you think is possible? Do you find your competition in the search engines but not your own site? Why pay for traffic when you can increase it much more easily by ranking better in the search engines? 

Search engines exist to help internet surfers find what they are looking for quickly. Over 80% of internet traffic comes from search engines. Search engine optimization is a process of evaluating the construction of your site, including layout, design, coding, and content for the purpose of understanding what can be done to improve the search engine ranking of your site. After this plan is formulated, your site is altered to implement the changes to make it rank higher in the search engines. 
As search engine optimization experts what we do is find out who your target customer is. We tailor your site to this target customer with the search engines in mind. We perform searches on the major search engines and evaluate your competition, both the grade of competition and amount of competition. We aim to perform better than your competition so that your site ranks on the first page of results for RELEVANT keyword searches. We want your potential customer to find you. Optimizing your site for the searches that a potential customer might perform is the key to achieving greater amounts of targeted traffic.


As a service provider in Search Engine Optimization, OpenLink Systems offers: 
Search Engine Marketing Consultation
Organic Ranking
Local Search Listings
Google Places Integration
On-page and off page optimization
Blog Article Posting
Article Marketing
High PR Back links
Pay Per Click Management
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